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May 05, 2007


b.a.m. in r. i.


While I'm very much opposed to abortion, I think the issue of emergency contraception for rape victims is a bit more complicated.

Suppose that conception had not yet occured. Are there tests to determine that? If conception had not yet occured, would you still be against emergency contraception? And if we could not determine conception one way or the other, shouldn't we give the situation the benefit of the doubt and provide emergency contraception?

Suppose you had a daughter caught in this situation. I'll bet you'd be singing a different tune!

carol mckinley


Review the story of Abraham and Isaac - and then ask yourself whether a converted man or woman would betray God, even when they are faced with life and death choices of their own flesh and blood. It's the story of the God the Father and the Son - who remains faithful even in a violent execution. If you can't stay faithful when it comes to your own flesh and blood, nothing you've ever done amounts to anything.

Your suggestion betrays the infidelity of your heart - which is much worse spiritual predicament than a man sinning but knowing the things he is doing are sinful.

I'd prefer that your children betray God, not my own. It's a greater love for other people's children - and God who would lose the comfort of their union - when people stand in the public square and remind children & adults who have been led astray about right and wrong choices.

It's some people's job to mislead children, and other people's job to remind the children how they are being misled. But nobody who has been converted - or even understands conversion - would ever suggest that a parent would be more interested in the salvation of other people than they would their own.

Rape is a crime. When horrendous crimes are comitted against somebody - as a community, we do what we can to bring healing and peace, but we can never make them whole as if the crime were never committed. When a husband is murdered, we can't bring back the dead. We can catch the killer and punish them with incarceration - - some people want killers murdered via death penalty. Reasonable people do not believe in killing via death penalty just because a crime took place. Two wrongs don't make a right. The same holds for a victim of rape. There is no death penalty for the child conceived - just because she was conceived though a crime.

As Catholics, we can do all we can up until the hours when it's clear she has ovulated.

There is no test for conception in these precious hours - so the benefit of the doubt goes to the side of God. If technology got more precise, then we would be allowed to 'contracept'

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