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December 24, 2006


Tom Lang

Keep the "spin" for the "Whorling Dervishes"

Cirignano pushed Loy and she fell at the feet of a news reporter.

Not even a valid attempt to pursuade in a lie...


The police should have been doing a better job of keeping the agitators back from the pro-family rally.

Carol McKinley

Merry Christmas Tom,

Yes, when Ms. Loy saw the reporter, she took a dive. But Larry was long gone on his way back to the podium. The reporter said he didn't see her fall. Several others did and their stories conflict with Loy's.

Lynne, Noel!

It's too bad for everyone concerned that the police couldn't anticipate a conflict when people couldn't see/hear above Loy's stunt. Were they rookies?

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