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December 30, 2006


R & B

found 2 listings for Shannyn M Heyer-Cardin
Tempe AZ
Marlborough MA
It seems to be the same person (middle initial M)

R & B

add'l info found:

Address History for Shannyn Heyer includes the following cities:
3 Addresses in BOSTON, MA
1 Address in ALLSTON, MA
1 Address in ISLIP, NY
1 Address in TEMPE, AZ
1 Address in MARLBOROUGH, MA
1 Address in CHANDLER, AZ

Carol McKinley

The Marlborough address matches the "suburb" description in the email.

All very fascinating. She seems to have been able to keep quite a low profile in all those places. Such a smart woman with a lot of loot and her name doesn't show up in any searches of corporate america, not any Board of Directors.

I hate to be suspicious of the Taliban in Brighton, but I wonder if any of the other addresses were sold by the Archdiocese.

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