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June 27, 2007


Padre Prospectus

Any word on who the two other men were? Who was invited to vote? Is this a common practice in Boston?



I haven't had time to check back on the details of who the other two were.

Is this common in Boston - it is since Sean got here.

How does it work?

It isn't an open election, that's for sure. O'Malley doesn't want the Vatican to know.

Usually, somebody who is running the parish (either a lay person if the pastor is a lame duck hired hand, or, as in this case, the outgoing pastor)recruit the small number of lay people who are in control - the top money givers, feminist stampeding loudmouth women who have the priests paralyzed by the private parts - and they quietly develop the list which is handed to O'Malley.

Happy 4th!


I'm dying in suspense...Does anyone know who the other two men were?


Carol, have you heard anything else from St. Pauls?

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